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Loyola Loyal Day

LLD 2023

The university's annual day of giving, Loyola Loyal Day gives alumni and friends across the country an opportunity to celebrate and support our mission of providing a premier Jesuit education in New Orleans' culture of creativity.

Loyola Loyal Day 2023 - We Did It!

On Loyola Loyal Day, 941 donors came together to far surpass our goal of 824 donors. Your generosity unlocked a challenge gift of $250,000, bringing the total raised during Loyola Loyal Day to $386,050!

We succeeded together because of your support. Once again, you have shown what it means to be Loyola Loyal, and we THANK YOU!


Advocates were tremendously helpful in sharing the message about Loyola Loyal Day and inspiring others to contribute. Curt Howard '83 led the way for our alumni board with this epic Loyola Loyal video. These advocates went above and beyond.

  • Mary Musso '96 generated 33 clicks and 14 gifts, totaling $1,329
  • Jesse Zabal generated 68 clicks and six gifts, totaling $900
  • Shannon Donaldson '14 generated 17 clicks and 6 gifts, totaling $315
  • Stephanie Stokes generated 11 clicks and four gifts, totaling $143
  • Bea Forlano '04 challenged classes 2001-2004 and donated $12,500

Class Leaderboard

  • Class of 2023 - 117 donors and $3,730 raised
  • Class of 2003 - 25 donors and $2,804 raised
  • Class of 2004 - 24 donors and $4,454 raised

State Leaderboard

Donors from 41 different states gave on Loyola Loyal Day. See our donor map here.

  • Louisiana - 502
  • Texas - 79
  • Florida - 65

Athletics Leaderboard

  • Women’s Swimming - 24 donors and $2,849 raised
  • Women’s Basketball - 21 donors and $2,271 raised
  • Women’s Volleyball - 21 donors and $1,707 raised


LLD Thank You


Loyola Loyal Day 2023: Goal Announcement 

The university's annual day of giving, Loyola Loyal Day 2023 will take place from Noon on Wednesday, March 22 to Noon on Thursday, March 23, 2023, providing alumni, parents, and friends across the country an opportunity to celebrate and support our incredible students in their pursuit of excellence. This year, funds raised during this 24-hour period will go towards scholarships for students.


Join us for YLC Wednesday at the Square

On March 22, Loyola will have a tent at YLC Wednesday at the Square. Anyone who makes a gift of $10 or more on Loyola Loyal Day will have exclusive access to the university's tent to visit with other members of the Wolf Pack and enjoy free beer and refreshments.

Leading with Loyalty

A group of generous lead donors has committed $250,000 if our goal of 824 donors is reached. These leadership gifts are pooled together to create a Challenge Gift that unlocks when our Loyola Loyal Day goal is met. Leadership gifts and pledges to the Loyola Fund and General Scholarship Fund both count towards the Loyola Loyal Day challenge gift. These gifts energize the Loyola community on Loyola Loyal Day. If you like to discuss a leadership gift please book a meeting with Development Officer Michael Battistone.

How to be an Advocate

  1. Make a gift on Loyola Loyal Day March 22-23.
  2. Create your advocate profile on GiveCampus and track your impact!
  3. Once logged in, go Loyola's page or search for Loyola on GiveCampus
  4. Upload your personal plea video to inspire others to give.
  5. Make a matching or challenge gift.
  6. Use our social graphics below and share why you are #LoyolaLoyal

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